Quick Transmigration: Rescuing The Blackened Male Lead

Chapter 86 — Snow White in a Dark Fairy Tale (14)

The white parrot flew to the luxurious and delicately carved windowsill, its black pearls fixed their gazes on the sleeping consort on top of the bed.

The young girl’s appearance was really outstanding; her beautiful face the size of a palm, the long and thick eyelashes curling upwards in a beautiful curve casting a faint shadow on her white skin, and she’s sleeping in a shallow and even breath.

Her originally fair white skin slightly revealed a pink blush while her face was painted with a satisfied expression, the corners of her mouth were raised in a gentle curve, her usual haughty look was nowhere to be seen.

The white parrot crooked its head and stared at the young and beautiful queen for a while, then it flew out from the windowsill.


The long raven-like black hair was gently blown by a cool breeze, Snow White was standing in front of the window, her peaceful posture resembled the ancient ink painting.

Her snowy white skin was adorned with the burgundy red lolita dress, giving a seductive allure, her slender and dense eyelashes drooped down, covering the expression in her eyes.

“I’m back.”

The white parrot came over flying from afar and arrived at Snow White’s windowsill, rubbing its head intimately on her fine finger that looked like a masterpiece.

Snow White’s throat issued out a gentle laughter, her pair of deep inky black eyes slightly curved, “Atlas.” [T/N: 阿忒洛斯]

The parrot’s overweening attitude before changed into a fawning one right now, the soft feathers on its entire body sticking close to Snow White.

Snow White slightly drooped down her eyes, her red lips opened and softly said, “Where did you go?”

The white parrot turned, rolling its eyes round and round, it’s grey beak opened and said, “Malicious woman.”

Snow White was slightly dumbfounded, her slender finger caressed the parrot’s soft feather while she softly said, “Atlas, who are you talking about?”

The white parrot was caressed by her from head to toe as its body turned languid, its black beady eyes was misted with drowsiness. After it heard her question, it resumed its soberness and said, “The Queen.”

Snow White was still hanging down her deep black eyes hiding a profound expression, using a gentle manner she asked, “Anything interesting?”

While placating its soft feather, the parrot slanted its head while slightly narrowing its eyes, “Delicious thing, that malicious woman is strange.”

When it said the last sentence, inside its eyes appeared a perplexed confusion.

Snow White paused her movement for a while, “What’s strange?”

The parrot’s grey beak opened and shouted, “Strange malicious woman! Strange malicious woman!”

Snow White’s thick eyelashes faintly trembled, her tone became all the more gentle and soft, “Atlas… do you also think that mother has changed?”

The last sentence was whispered low until it almost couldn’t be heard, mixed up with her soft sigh.


When Shen Mubai woke up, the sky already began to be covered in a golden light, the veil of the night shall soon arrive.

She languidly yawned and called upon the maidservant waiting for her in front of her room.

“Queen, would you like to have dinner?” The maid asked politely.

Once hearing ‘dinner’, Shen Mubai’s whole person stiffened, she feebly said, “En.”

The soft and tender voice from the girl startled the maid on her side.

Hearing no movements from the maid, Shen Mubai finally gave a reaction. She lifted her head up and frowned with dissatisfaction, “Why are you standing there doing nothing?”

The maid hurriedly answered back, “Yes, Queen, I will go immediately.”

Without any expectation, this kind of life had nothing to look forward to, Shen Mubai thought that she had nothing left to live for.

Yes, tonight’s dinner wasn’t raw salad.

Shen Mubai gazed at the green salad in front of her face, she pondered over her life’s meaning with a wooden look.


I’m planning to move this novel’s translation to another platform that could give me (and the original TLer) some pocket change, so I’m gonna halt posting this for now and once I resumed, I’ll give you guys mass release.

Please be patient~ (人◕ω◕) Muuachhh~

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      1. She would be collaborating with me in releasing chapters of this novel, we would see at each chapter’s views and then divide the money based on that.
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