Fortunate Wife [R-15]

Chapter 210: Fragrant

The surrounding atmosphere became stiff for a while, Li Man hung her head down while imagining Li Yan’s embarrassed appearance, but she didn’t expect Li Yan  to sneer and laughed lightly, breaking up the quietness.

“Third, what do you want me to answer, mn?”

Hearing his Second Brother, Li Shu became happy and grabbed Li Yan’s shoulder. He asked as if looking for a new gossip, “Second Brother, who is it? Is it Mudan? Or is it another young lady? Do I know her? Wow~”

Li Man who was sitting at the kang bed straighten up her body when she heard his question, wanting to hear what kind of girl this evildoer brought calamity to. Is it that beautiful and weak Mudan?

Suddenly, Li Man’s heart became filled with uneasiness.

Li Yan’s burning gaze was fixed on Li Man’s body. Looking at her hanging down her head while biting her lips nervously, as if her fur was fluffed in anger, his right eyebrow slightly raised and her mouth laughed softly in amusement, “Woman ah, of course I had met them before. But how much I interact with them, Man Er, you should know clearer than anyone about this, right?”

Crack, Li Shu stared foolishly for a while.

Li Man abruptly raised her head, staring blankly in a daze with a muddleheaded expression on her face.

Li Yan only gazed at her with a slight smile, “Alright, don’t look at me like that. It’s early morning, Third, you shouldn’t make her embarrassed. That’s right, you haven’t wear your clothes. After we eat breakfast, I’ll help you change your plaster, it would be inconvenient if you have to wear then take it off again, so just wait here, I’ll bring your breakfast in a minute.”

After saying this, he turned back and walked away as if there’s nothing happening.

Li Shu abruptly turned her head and gazed at Li Man with a complicated expression, “Wife, when did you let Second Brother have a try?”

“Me?” Li Man wanted to argue but was instead made speechless. If she said that she didn’t let him take a chance, that would sound too fake, and if she said that she let him, then she couldn’t just say it out loud ah.

And also, Li Yan telling Li Shu that woman’s body is fragrant, surely was said before she came inside this house right? Then it basically have no relation with her.

But that scoundrel could quibble and turned the topic over, making Li Shu targeted herself instead.

Ng, she was treated unjustly ah, she only wanted to watch for fun but was unexpectedly pulled as a scapegoat that can only oblige to Li Yan’s cunning foxy trick.

“Wife, you’re being partial.” Li Shu’s already discontented self walked over to the bed’s side, his fingers all of a sudden poked at her quilt with grievance, “You let Second Brother took his chance, why don’t you let me then? Why are you hiding yourself inside the quilt? Oh, that’s right, Second Brother helped you smear the medicine yesterday night, he already looked at you naked ah.”

“Ah, your Second Brother? Smear medicine?” Li Man’s startled eyeballs looked like they wanted to fall off, “How about your Big Brother?”

Li Shu curled his lips, “Does Big Brother look like someone who can deal with medicine? His hand’s strength is too big, if he helped you smearing the medicine, he would only give you more wounds.”

“..….” Li Man was speechless, isn’t this thing should be done by Li Mo?

At this moment, Li Yan came with a basin of hot water, his handsome face smiled with eagerness, “Come, wife, you should wash first.”

Li Yan glared at Li Shu who was still sulking at the side, “What are you poking her for? Go and get wife’s breakfast here.”

“I know.” Li shu gave Li Yan a glance, his brother unexpectedly already ate wife’s tofu,  so hateful…

Li Yann wrung the towel dry and passed it over to Li Man, “Here.”

Li Man’s pair of hands were gripping the corners of the quilt without moving.

Li Yan laughed lightly, his line of sight gradually removed from her face, then he let out a smiling groan, “Oh, I forgot, you’re naked under the quilt, it won’t be convenient. Alright, come, let me give you a wash.”

He walked one step forward, not caring about Li Man’s squeak of rejection, his palm was already stroking the back of her head while the other was opening the towel, and then using a bit of power to rub her small face.

“Umm, mmuu–” Li Man struggled to get free, ferociously glaring at his hateful look, treating her face like some table, how can he used that kind of strength when wiping her?

“Let me see–” Li Yan was still enjoying himself to the fullest, slanting his head while carefully sizing her tender cheeks up. Suddenly, he stretched his hand and rubbed the corner of her eye, “Yo, there’s an eye booger here, you timid kitten,  let this husband give you a rub rub–”

His rough fingers rubbed the corner of her eyes, but the strength he used was still big. Li Man became like a roly-poly toy, shaking and swaying at the same place.

After that, Li Yan soaked the towel in the hot water and wrung it dry again, “Turn your head around, I’ll help you rub your neck.”

“No need.” Li Man finally returned her consciousness while roaring at him. Eye booger? Timid kitten? You’re the timid kitten…

Li Yan looked in askance, staring at her with a bit of disgust, “How many days have you not taken a bath already?”

“I already took a bath two days ago.” Li Man howled, thinking why she didn’t take a bath two days ago, her ears were flushed red with shame.

“Oh, no wonder, your body is all sour-smelling.” Li Yan pinched his nose and put down the towel on the kang bed, “Alright, look at you who can’t tell good from bad, I’m too lazy to serve you so you should wash yourself.”

Li Man raised her voice in fury, “Who let you serve?” Moreover, can his rough rubbings be called serving someone? He clearly played her like a toy, he played her for such a long time!

“What happened?” When Li Shu brought over two bowls of rice gruel in, he heard Li Man’s huffing and puffing in annoyance, so he can’t help but look at Li Yan in uncertainty, “Second Brother, why are you provoking wife ah?”

“Am I provoking you?” Li Man turned and stared at Li Man with innocence.

Li Man straightforwardly ignored him and just directly stretched her hands to take the rice gruel from Li Shu, but when her snow-white arms were laid bare, she immediately withdrew back.

Damn it, I became muddle-headed because of this scoundrel. She hasn’t wear any clothes ah.

“Li Shu, can you go out for a bit? I want to change my clothes.”

“Why? You have to change the dressing after a while” Li Shu said.

“We can talk about it later.” Li Man’s complexion was gloomy and dark already.

Li Shu also knew how to be tactful at times, so he said hurriedly, “Second Brother, let’s go.”

Li Yan looked at Li Man snorting from her nose with a smile, so he turned and followed his brother out the room.

After the two men walked out, Li Man sighed deeply. She didn’t dare to delay and quickly flung the quilt, wearing her clothes in a rush.

After she just wore her clothes, she already heard Li Mo’s voice from outside.

“How is she? Has she woken up yet?”

Li Shu answered, “She’s changing clothes inside, it looks like there’s no heavy wound on her.”

“Then, it’s alright.” Li Mo wiped the sweat on his face and said.

Li Yan asked, “So the doctor isn’t in his house?”

“En, they said that last night at Chang Pu Town, there’s someone who broke their leg bone by falling down from the mountain because of carelessness.” Li Mo answered.

“Oh.” Li Shu hummed and looked at his Big Brother’s heavy complexion, so he consoled him, “That’s alright, Big Brother, aren’t I and wife just fine?”

“Man Er said that you spitted out a lot of blood, Big Brother is afraid if you have any internal injuries,” Li Mo said worriedly.

But Li Shu didn’t mind it a bit, “I only spitted out a mouthful of blood, hehe, it might just be because my anger is too plenty recently, so spitting out a bit isn’t a bad idea, might as well relieve some internal heat.”

How can he just say it like this, Li Mo lightly looked askance at him, hoping that it might really be just like what he said, “We’ll see. Today you should take a rest, if there’s really something wrong, then Big Brother will bring you to Chang Pu Town.”

“Haha, how can there be anything wrong.” Li Shu laughed, Big Brother really liked to make a fuss over nothing.

At this time, Li Man opened the door and went out wearing yesterday’s clothes. There were already some wrinkles on it, furthermore, there were some plasters on her back and behind that were brushing all over.

When they went back yesterday, the sky already became dark so all of them didn’t see clearly at her situation. This time looking at her, Li Mo and Li Yan could imagine how Li Man was flung to the ground by some strong man.

That time, wife surely felt hurt.

“Man Er, are you alright?” Li Mo was feeling distressed for her. He walked over, wanting to look the red and swollen bruises on her body, but he can’t be unbridled in front of his younger brother’s presence.

Li Man softly laughed, “I’m alright, it’s not hurting anymore.”

“It’d be a wonder if you don’t feel hurt, who’s the one that mumbled all night last night?” Li Yan fixed a stare on her.

Li Man’s face sunk, “Even though I mumbled, you’re still sleeping.”

“Second Brother is only worried about you.” Li Mo busily said.

With Li Mo’s explanation, Li Man expression then relaxed.

Li Yan was really depressed, why can’t this girl distinguish between good and bad? Even Big Brother could see that he was just being worried.

“Alright, we should all go eat breakfast.” Li Yan felt a bit irritated so he turned and went inside the kitchen without looking at Li Man.

“Man Er.” Li Mo looked at Li Man gently, “Can you walk? How about I take your meal to the room?”

“I already gave her breakfast.” Li Shu said.

Li Man hummed and said, “I almost forgot, I put it on the windowsill.”

She came back to the room and immediately took the rice gruel on the windowsill. She brought it and sat down on the kang bed to eat slowly.

Li Mo stood at the door, looking at her eating the rice gruel until finished, then he finally came over with a genial smile on his face, “I’ll ladle one more bowl for you.”

“No need, I’ll go there myself.” she said as she slid out of the kang bed.

“Slowly.” Li Mo was afraid that she would feel pain, so he stretched his hands to carefully protect her from her side.

Li Man smiled looking at him like this, “It isn’t serious at all, you also haven’t eaten yet, quickly eat ah.” with a twist of her body, she walked outside to the kitchen.

After eating breakfast, Li Yan shouldered a hoe to their family’s field. It has been raining for several days before, they still had to loosen up the soil then they can finally sow some seeds.

Li Mo brought Big Black and Small Yellow to go outside together.

At home, Li Man hid herself inside her room, untying her clothes and took out the salve that was left by Li Yan, with some difficulties, she applied the medicine on herself. When she was smearing it on her buttocks, her face turned burning hot.

Did Li Yan smear the ointment like this too last night?

“Wife.” Li Shu’s voice often came through the next room, “Come here quickly, Little Five is too stupid, the medicine went inside my eyes ah.”

At the East Room, Little Five looked at his Third Brother with despise, “Third Brother, you should just say it directly if you want sister to apply the medicine for you.”

“So you found out?” Li Shu laughed without restrain, beating Little Five’s head, “Little Five, be good and go look wether wife is alright or not. Just say that my body’s hurt, and you can’t apply medicine.”

“I don’t care.” Who just swore at me saying that I’m stupid?

Li Shu paused for a bit, “You smelly child, you dare not listening to your Third Brother already.”

“What do I get?” Little Five squinted his eyes menacingly.

Li Shu glared back at him, “You speak.”

“I want your wooden sword.” Little Five not showing weakness at all.

“You?” Li Shu glowered at him and said, “If you want it, then ask your Second Brother to make one for you.”

“I only want yours.” Little Five said.

Li Shu hated to part with that wooden sword of his, so he could only settle for the second best, “Then, I’ll beg Second Brother to give you two swords.”

“Add one slingshot to that.” Little Five seized the chance and raised the price.

“Deal!” Li Shu ruthlessly beat Little Five’s head.

Little Five wrinkled his brows ‘Ouch!” and then grinned widely, “Contract completed.”

After that, he turned around and ran to the West Room, standing at the door and cutely said, “Sister, do you want Little Five to help you?”

Li Man already plastered the medicine nicely and just waiting for the salve to dry down and wear her clothes again, “No need, you should go and help your Third Brother apply his medicine.”

“I don’t know what happened with Third Brother, it looks like his body is hurting.” Little Five lied without any remorse.

His body hurts? Li Man was astonished, wasn’t he just now still making trouble and calling me out? So it’s really because Little Five can’t apply medicine and now his body hurts so he has to find other method to vent?

“Oh, I’ll go there in a minute.” Li Man busily wore a clean clothes and went out.

After arriving at the East Room, she saw Li Shu naked top, he only wore a strip of underpants while leaning on the window, staring blankly outside with the ointment in his hand.

“Li Shu, were are you hurting?” She hurriedly went over and asked.

Li Shu lifted his eyes and gazed at her brilliant and enchanting face that was scared with bruises, making him even more worried and anxious, “Wife, I’m a little hurt.”

“Where ah?” Li Man sat down on the kang bed and anxiously asked.

Cough–” Have I made wife worried? Li Shu’s heart was now feeling conscience-stricken and happy at the same time, “Wife, don’t worry, I won’t be harmed, but can you help me apply the medicine? Big Brother said this medicine is really effective, if we rub a few times then I will be cured.”

“Alright.” Li Man took the small jar. She saw that his face was already smeared with it, so the most important one should be his back, she said, “You turn over now.”

“En.” Li Shu was very obediently turned his body over, leaning on the windowsill to let Li Man apply the medicine comfortably.

Li Man half-kneeling near his body, two fingers dipped in the small jar then rubbed lightly on the bruised parts of his back.

Li Shu’s whole body quivered as he was concealing the feeling of her soft gentle hands slowly twisting the softest part of his heart, like an itchy thorn, there’s some pain, but it was also accompanied by an immense joy.

He didn’t want to stop, so much so that he wanted to groan because of this pleasant feeling.

However Li Man thought that he felt pain instead, her hand’s movements became all the more gentle coaxing him softly, “Please bear with it a bit more, it would surely be better in a while.”

And yet, the more she acted gentle, the more he became unable to endure, his groans became louder, “Wife, use more power.”

Is he becoming muddle-headed because of pain? Li Man became nervous, she put down the ointment and said, “It can’t be like this, Li Shu, I’ll accompany you to find a doctor. Your injuries need to be properly looked, just in case, if there’s any internal injury then what?”

After saying this, she hurriedly slid down the kang bed. Li Shu immediately turned around and grabbed her, “Wife, don’t go.”

“Li Shu, where’s your clothes? Quickly put on some and we–Ah!”

She haven’t finished her words when Li Shu abruptly pulled her to the kang bed again, pressing her down heavily.

“Agh!” Li Man’s back suddenly felt as if it was a pincushion, the ache piercing through her skin.

Li Shu flustered and busily turned her upward, “Wife, did I just hurt you?”

“Nngh.” Li Man sat up with difficulty, rubbing her small waist while glaring ferociously at him, “What are you doing?” Why did he pull me down?

Li Shu’s face couldn’t become more redder than now, he whispered under his breath with guilt, “Wife, I’m almost crazy wanting you.”

Li Man was thoroughly dumbfounded at this moment, and when her consciousness finally returned, her face blushed as if it had been boiled, she reproached, “You, what are you thinking in this broad daylight?”

“Wife.” Li Shu suddenly gripped her hand, “Can you comply with me this once?”

“N-no, Li Shu–” Li Man looked all around in a state of panic, she didn’t know when the door was closed, she couldn’t even see Little Five’s trace a long time ago, “Release my hand first, your body still has injuries.”

“Then–” Li Shu’s eyes revealed a thread of craftiness, he hung down his head, leaning his head closer to her neck, softly and weakly imploring her, “Wife, let me smell your fragrance ah.”

Saying this, he impudently extended his tongue and softly licked her fair and smooth neck.

Li Man trembled, an electric current rolling around her whole body, she hurriedly stretched her hand and pushed him, “Li Shu, don’t make trouble–”

“Wife, I want to lick you.”

After that one lick, he finally tasted her sweet taste, that tender and fragile flowery fragrance of hers made him wallowed in reverie, he unconsciously licked several more times, following along her neckline, slipping and digging inside her clothes.

“Li Shu, stop.” Li Man anxiously shouted in disorder, but she still didn’t dare to hit him because his whole body was riddled with injuries, how can she beat him then?

Li Shu’s big palm threw her outer garment, revealing her smooth and delicate shoulder. His burning hot lips very impatiently kissed her exquisite butterfly valley, his big rough palms forged ahead from under her ribs, heavily gripping and kneading her beautiful white doves that was hiding in a layer of clothing, as if wanting to squeeze them out of their nest.

Li Man became very anxious, struggling left and right, “Li Shu, if you’re not stopping now, I won’t care about you anymore.”

“Wife, you’re so fragrant.” Perhaps Li Shu also heard what she said, but he still wished to continue kissing this lovely wife of his. He rested his chin on her shoulder, his sexy warm and soft lips continuously rubbing her small earlobe, and with a hoarse voice he whispered, “Wife, how can you be so fragrant? I really want… everyday eating you like this.”

Feeling the passion in his body, his pair of big palms felt the flimsy clothing was so intolerable. He simply crawled inside and directly rubbing  those lovely snow-white bunnies.

“Wife, you’re so soft here, it feels so nice to rub.”

He grabbed her tightly and use more force and strength gradually, Li Man felt painful and furiously pinched the meat on his arm, “Li Shu, don’t talk anymore.”

“Then I’m just gonna do it.” Li Shu use one of his hand to turn her face towards him, he gazed at the undergarment that covered her two white bunnies that were being propped up by his own hands, his eyes were filled red with lust.

Li Man’s heart trembled as she lowered her head, biting his neck ferociously.

“Mnng.” Li Shu painfully groaned in a low voice, and Li Man released her mouth, “Li Shu, calm down a bit.”

“Hehe.” However, Li Shu was still gazing at her with a smile on his face, “Wife, Your biting was painful.”

It was right if it’s painful, “Clear your head up now, okay?”

“Wife, let me rub a little, kissing a bit, okay?” Li Shu looked at her red eyes full of anxiousness, afraid that she would cry, he could only settle for the second best option.

Li Man glared at him widely, “No way.” she exerted all of her strength to throw his unruly big hands from her clothes, and hurriedly tighten the girdle of her undergarment, straightening her outer jacket.

Li Shu was somewhat losing heart and dejected as he held her waist from the back, rubbing her neck like a little cat, continuously crooning with a spoiled sound, “Wife, wait until my injuries are healed, then you can definitely yield to me.”

Li Man’s body became stiff, “Li Shu, you should speak again after you properly recuperate, don’t just let your imagination running around all day.”

“Wife, I still want to have children as soon as possible.” Li Shu said.

“Ah? Children?” Li Man’s thoughts stopped in a trance all of a sudden, ‘children’ this one word, how long has it been since she married, she had been yearning for one everyday, but her body wasn’t able to. [T/N: from her past life]

But nowadays, she’s still a healthy young girl that already made love with Li Mo, then, will God take a pity on her and grant her with a lovely and healthy child?

Li Man suddenly became agitated.

“Wife.” Li Shu’s keen perception felt her changing mood, “What happened?”

Li Man’s face became red, her hands softly caressed her lower abdomen. She shook her head, “No problem.”

“Wife, how many children do you think should we have?” Li Shu started imagining while holding her in his arms, “I think, we should at least have two children. The boy would be the big brother, and the girl would be the younger sister, that boy surely would resemble me, and the girl would resemble you–”

“……” Isnt this imagination still too far? Theres still no sign of any children, how can there be big brother and little sister suddenly.

“Wife, you should give birth to my children first oh.” Li Shu was really looking forward to their future.

“Why?” Li Man asked curiously.

When Li Shu just wanted to answer, suddenly he saw from the window, Xing niang was bending over their courtyard’s wall [T/N: 突然从窗户里瞄见屋后二顺家的院子里,杏娘趴在那院墙上], her face full of jeer while staring at them inside the room.

“You smelly woman.” Li Shu suddenly released Li Man with fury, took something from the kang bed and flung it over that Xing niang.

Xing niang’s body reflexively dodged and then she ferociously spitted on the ground, coldly sneering and cursing, “Truly a whore, it’s still day light and she’s already hiding herself inside the room to do shameless things, really have no face!”

Li Man was shocked to see that Xing niang’s hands were holding on to their courtyard wall while scornfully hurling abusive words.

“Courting death!” Li Shu’s blue veins popped out in anger, he quickly slid down from the bed and found a shovel from the corner of the room. In a great fury, he ran outside with his shovel.

Li Man was startled, she wore her shoes in a flurry and chased after him.


niang = Mrs or miss, I’m not sure which one to use, but I guess it’s Mrs.

Xing niang might be their neighbour, not so sure since I can’t remember her in the story, and I can’t translate some parts of the raw (・´ェ`・) Do anyone of you remember her?

I mean, who the heck peep on other people’s house, even climbing their walls??? And then calling the owner of the house ‘a whore‘?? Like, what? (●__●)

As usual, not editted. Happy reading!

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